Cloud Based Solutions Expanding Your Business

Rain or shine, the cloud is all around us! We live in the information age and technology continues to grow at an astronomical rate. The world continues to generate data rapidly. Where does this data rest? Where is it stored? How is it used and managed? Typically, it is kept on some server whether it be a storage basement or a large corporation. The fact is, it needs to be stored and managed somewhere properly. That data is pushed and pulled and used in some specific way. Beryl8 offers cloud based solutions that have the ability to alleviate any mess or headaches and manage the processes that the usage of data is involved in.


What is a Cloud Based Solution?

A cloud based solution can be any on demand computer services such as applications, storage, computer networks, or other resources filtered through from the internet and through any other provider’s shared cloud based computing infrastructure. In layman’s terms, a cloud based solution is an evolved web application with most of the worries taken care of for you. It allows users to access those services via the cloud and differs from web based solutions that are accessed through the browser.


The benefits of cloud based solutions to end or client users and businesses include highly increased capacity, scalability, functionality, and reduced maintenance and cost for computer infrastructure or in-house employees. Additionally, cloud based solutions can empower businesses to directly focus on revenue driving ambitions instead of non-core business and time consuming tasks.


With a majority of a business budget going directly toward IT hardware and software as well as staff, moving to the cloud is a viable option. Cloud computing cost categories are classified by servers in the cloud, applications or sites in the cloud, and storage in the cloud. The majority of cloud provider’s often times offer a subscription based type of model that is more of a “pay as you go along using” the service. This type of model allows businesses to select the option that best suits businesses’ requirements.


Cost benefits for you business using cloud based solutions can include saving on staff, installation, and updating and maintaining hardware and software. As the acceptance of rate of cloud based solutions continue to increase within multiple business sizes, the costs have become a lot more affordable.


The ability to connect cloud based solutions from any location that maintains a solid internet connection coupled with an across the board adoption of smartphones and particularly faster cellular networks have provided users the capability to utilize cloud based solutions from any location and at any time. Cloud based solutions have formed into a better and faster service with a guaranteed secure environment because there has been an increase in resources regarding the centralization of data. Ultimately, cloud based solutions are more scalable and adaptable to your business needs.



4 Types of Cloud Based Solutions


By utilizing these cloud based solutions for you business, you have the ability to obtain specific types of services for you business. Here are some examples of the solutions.


Web based solutions enable the client to select different web functions instead of a complete application. For example, you can use web based solutions for accounting processing. You can choose individual services from a variety of providers and implement them along your existing solution to fit your business needs saving you time and cost with proper efficiency.


SaaS refers to Software as a Service typically is the most common form of cloud based solution that gives many cloud users the means to any given application. Typically, software like a web browser or application found on the internet can serve as a viable tool. A few well known examples include G Suite where anyone can start a monthly subscription and have IT solutions provided to their business. These cloud based solutions are great for end user applications.


IaaS  is short for Infrastructure as a service includes the bare necessities for the cloud and offers the ability to obtain network functions, dedicated hardware, virtual machines, and separate storage space. These are the types of technologies that serve as the concrete of your business operations. There are many common IaaS providers that allow you to outsource infrastructure like storage and backup space that may be needed for testing. Security and maintenances is normally is included.


PaaS  or also known as Platform as a service, most always includes the hardware and operating systems needed to deploy and maintain cloud based applications. It is basically a hybrid form of  private or public and can be individual. Public PaaS is hosted as a cloud based solution and its infrastructure is managed by your chosen provider. It can also handle applications from various cloud based infrastructures simultaneously. PaaS relieves your business from the worries of storage, code, and infrastructure.  It helps to increase the business efficiency without the headache managing your cloud based solution.


8 Reasons to Ignite Your Business With Bangkok’s Cloud Based Solutions


Beryl8 can offer you cloud based solutions a smarter way to ignite your business with expertise and insight. Here are 8 solid reasons to consider moving to the cloud.



Cloud based solutions are typically excellent for any size business. Especially, small to medium size businesses with growing or alternating bandwidth demands. If your business needs increase its simple task to scale up your cloud capacity, calling on your chosen services remote servers. If your business needs require you to scale down, the flexibility is built into the service. This level of stretchability can offer businesses using cloud based solutions a true advantage over any of its competitors.


The Back Up Plan

It is pretty obvious that any size business should have some type of investment in a backup and recovery plan. Cloud based solutions backup and recovery help you save time and unexpected costs by avoiding any large up front investment. It keeps you free from having to manually back up on infrastructure that continuously needs your time and attention. Stay protected.


Keep Updates Automatic

Out of sight, out of mind! The greatest thing of cloud based solutions is that the servers are not on the premise. Your cloud based solutions provider handles all the hassle for you and also rolls out software updates on a regular basis. This also includes all security updates so you or your IT staff do not have to spend valuable time maintaining the system. This frees up time that can be spent on more important aspects of your growing business.


Celebrating by Collaborating

When your business teams can cross collaborate through different departments and break down that silo effect at any time or from any location, tasks are completed more quickly and effectively. Cloud based solutions give your businesses employees full visibility of their collaborative efforts. On top of that, file sharing apps on the cloud provide real time updates enabling you to pinpoint where your work was saved last.


Choose Your Location

One of the most admired aspects of cloud based solutions is that all you need is an internet connection!

That is a useful commodity in today’s business. With that, you can connect and be at work. Most cloud based solutions make workflow easier for you with provided mobile apps so that you are not restricted to any type of desktop or laptop. You can connect using your chosen mobile device and be just as efficient as if you were sitting at your desk in your office or workspace.


Do Not Let Your Documents Control You

When you have big teams across the board, especially from different locations all working on the same projects and sharing documents, the bigger the need to lockdown the control of those projects and documents.


Files sent back and forth via email or FTP software such as Filezilla is a mess and can be a hassle. Those were the old days. Nowadays, cloud based solutions stores your files centrally allowing all that access those files the exact same visibility. This ultimately in turn provides a tighter collaborative agenda. Speed up and grasp the current time frame, now is the future and the future is cloud based solutions for your business development.



Whether business or personal, data is sensitive. It is especially sensitive when you are competing in a target market with businesses trying to gain ground. You want to be on top, stay on top, and ultimately win. Your data is your investment and there should be no thought that you need to keep it locked away securely. Cloud based solutions offers you piece of mind and the security that you need. Your data is stored in the cloud allowing you to access it no matter your circumstance. You even have the option to delete data remotely at your convenience!


Eco Friendly

Can you imagine all your old hardware that becomes outdated technology just piling up like broken down cars in a junkyard? Or have you ever seen an airplane graveyard? What do you think this ends up doing to the environment? With less hardware, we in turn use less energy and improve efficiency. Not just as businesses, but as humans, we should keep in mind that our environment is where we reside and we should train ourselves to keep it green and clean! It is a win-win situation for all.